“Who knew this was just the kind of big, open, no-frills spot with global food that the city needed”
Huffington Post

“There’s something about Tom & Serg that attracts freelancers to it. Perhaps it’s the industrial décor, the free wifi, the great food or their amazing coffee. Realistically speaking, it’s probably all of the above”
Yahoo UK

If this is your first time at TOM & SERG, welcome. If this is your second time at TOM & SERG welcome back. And if you’ve come to TOM & SERG more than twice, welcome home.

A little history goes a long way. Back in 2011, Tom Arnel and Sergio Lopez crossed paths. Tom, a chef and foodie from Melbourne and Serg, a savvy F&B operations director from Madrid. And so came the aim… to make great, specialty coffee and nutritious, gourmet food accessible to all of us, Dubai’s ever-growing population. In a place that’s honest,  casual and, above all, easy to be in.

It’s been said that good things take time. Turns out great things take 2 years, 4 months and 17 days, which is how long it took them to build TOM & SERG. Here, every dish is crafted with love and respect for the ingredient, which reflects the many years of hard work and dedication our entire team has endured in this, the toughest of industries, so please sit back, enjoy the plate, the cup and the person in front of you.

Feel at home.


Centred around wholesome fresh ingredients, our menu celebrates flavour at every opportunity.
We use free range eggs and have plenty of vegetarian and vegan friendly options.
We are known for holding food pop-ups that showcase our dynamic palate and love of world flavours.